JobCoachUSA: Sacramento Career Coach and Career Counseling

JobCoachUSA is the fastest way to employment today! Rose Connolly with JobCoachUSA is a professional career coach. Rose brings over 20 years of professional coaching experience to the applicant and focuses on a no-nonsense approach to finding employment quickly and effectively. Rose uses strategies that quickly get you in front of the employer and on the way to being hired!

What JobCoachUSA Can Do For You!

Benefits of a career coach:

  • Focus on your career needs
  • Save time on your current job search
  • Gain employment leads and get in front of the employer
  • Sales/marketing techniques that make employers want you
  • Preparation to “get hired” at the interview

JobCoachUSA offers:

  • One on One Coaching
  • Creative Resumes
  • Employment Seminars for Colleges, Business and Employment Fairs